Energy-Efficient HVAC System

Posted on November 4


Did you know that the heating and cooling system for Elliott Landing works on forced hot and cooled water? The system utilizes condensing boilers that recapture the heat from exhaust vapor, which otherwise would be wasted, resulting in a system that runs at about 95 percent. This efficiency helps minimize environmental impact, and provides cost savings to the condominium.

Here's how the system works.

The main pipes shown in the photo are part of the redundant delivery system that circulates water from the roof level pumps to the first-floor storage area and then back up to the roof-level. The blower unit in each home takes either hot or cold water from the main system, runs it through a group of coils and, as air blows through the system, distributes the conditioned air to the home. Temperature regulators in the first-floor storage area alert the system if it needs to generate more or less hot or cold water. Designers chose this area because of the accessibility to the ceiling and its location opposite the main pipes on the sixth floor, which equalizes the temperature of the whole building.